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Turning your property’s exterior area into a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be an expensive and stressful endeavor. Selecting and hiring the right landscape architect is a crucial factor in ensuring that. As a Landscape Architect, I pride myself in providing my customers with the utmost professionalism and timely service in all areas related to landscaping: landscape architecture, site planning, garden design as well as illustrative drawing. Whether you are looking to design, build or maintain and enhance the exterior of your Seattle home, our vast experience as well as our unparalleled knowledge and technical know-how will turn the banal and ordinary into a landscape full of character with a unique charm.

A quality landscape architect is someone whom is highly qualified and experienced. We are a fully licensed Seattle Landscape Architect firm, registered with Washington state, as well as a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) not to mention a past president of the prestigious Washington Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects (WASLA). What does that concretely mean to you and your Seattle property’s exterior? Only one thing: that it will be in the best landscape hands in Seattle and the entire state of Washington, if not the entire West Coast!

The architect will work in very close collaboration with you to first, fully understand your needs, in order to present you with a comprehensive plan to improve your existing landscape. Then the architect will oversee the entire landscape installation process in order to design a beautiful functional environment to serve both your immediate as well as long term goals and needs in regards to your landscape design.

Landscape Site Planning

A major element of any landscaping project is site planning. Site planning refers to organizing and configuring the design process of the landscape by the architect. The first step in landscape site planning is to analyze and assess the potential of a site for development. The entire landscape area is looked at to identify and locate the areas that are not suited for development such as steep slopes or floodplain and the areas that are suited for development. The feasibility of landscape features such as decks, terraces, steps, walls, fountains, pools and planting areas are carefully studied and mapped. In order to achieve the above, your Landscape Architect will consider among many factors such as usability, enjoyment, safety, solar exposure, privacy and aesthetics.

Garden Design

A lush green yard is dependent on its location inside your Seattle yard. In the planning and architect mapping stage, it is crucial to select the area with the best landscape soil quality, as well as the area that remains in the sun the longest. Sun exposure is a key factor for your landscape, as plants require uninterrupted sunlight to nurture and bloom.  While most plants bloom in sunlight, there are plants which bloom in the shade, so take that into consideration before selecting plants for your landscape.  Obviously, water supply is vital for a garden therefore, proper planning is essential. Your Landscape Architect has a vast experience along unparalleled knowledge of the entire garden design process to ensure your garden is a stunning masterpiece.

Illustrative Drawings

At the beginning of every project, you will be presented with detailed hand drawings in order for you to clearly see and envision what your landscape will look like once the new proposed design is completed. These drawings will be the map upon which to add changes and design your dream landscape. The landscape drawings will take into consideration and account not only your specific requirements based on the very features you wish to have added to your landscape but also the particular physical features and potential limitations of the land to work with.

Limited Time Special Seattle Landscape Offer

Your Seattle Landscape Architect, Brooks Kolb, is currently running a limited time special offer to new and existing clients in the form of a free, no risk on-site consultation to assess your existing Seattle landscape. To be eligible for this offer, you need to be located within one hour round trip of his Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA office.  If you are planning or even thinking about redesigning your Seattle landscape professionally, then this is an invaluable offer you certainly do not want to miss! Remember, it’s a no obligation, no-risk free offer! You will have the opportunity to have your property’s exterior reviewed by a highly trained professional to assist you in transforming your yard into the landscape of your dreams.

To contact Brooks for an appointment or to view his extensive and impressive portfolio of beautiful landscapes he has been designing, please visit his website at

He can be reached by phone, fax, email or mail. His full contact information is available on the Contact Page of his site

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