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Landscaping Architecture Versus Landscaping

Landscape architecture and landscaping are vastly different fields. The two are commonly and erroneously confused with each other. However, there are numerous variations and distinctions between them. A landscape architect is a highly qualified professional with a four year post-secondary degree and licensed by their respective state as well as registered with a professional organization such as the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for example. The Seattle Landscape Architecture firm run by Brooks Kolb in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA is one such example of a fully registered and licensed landscape architecture firm.

Landscape architecture refers to the field of designing of the exterior and outdoor spaces through the utilization of various elements such as land, vegetation, water features, walls, decks, steps, lightning among other things. It uses a mix of architecture, arts, botany and gardening.

A landscape architect is primarily in charge of the general design of outdoor spaces. Projects undertaken by a landscape architect such as Seattle Landscape Architecture are robust and flawless from a physical aspect. While landscape architecture may not be as engineering intensive as architecture per say, the landscape architect is in charge of designing and creating structures. Often times, scientific ability and know-how is required in order to accordingly and correctly handle and operate the circulation of rainwater of a site. In order to control water management, the Seattle landscape architect will add items such as plants, rocks and other features.

Landscaping on the other hand, does not require a formal education, only on the job practical training and experience. A typical landscaper knows how to trim trees and maintaining plants and gardens. As a result, landscaping is not the better remunerated of the two professions despite being generally fairly stable even during economic downturns.

Even though the routine and daily handling of a garden or yard may be something that will be taken into consideration by the landscape architect at the time of preparing the plan of the design, these tasks are not carried out by the architect at our Seattle firm.

Landscape architecture is crucial in that it can turn an ordinary, if not bland and uninspiring view inside a property, into something with character, charm and personality that make it stand out. In a warm climate, outside of Seattle, this is even more pronounced than in colder climates. Indeed, in a warm climate, your living space is extended to the outdoors as a result of a beautifully landscaped yard.

A great way to envision the impact that professionally done landscape architecture would have on your property is to simply have a look at the area that is around your Seattle property, and envision in your mind, a before and after image of it with the dream landscape that you’ve been thinking about.  A great place to start with in terms of assistance is your local professional landscape architect at Seattle Landscape Architecture. We will provide you with not only a no risk free assessment of your Seattle property but also give you a catalog with pictures of numerous landscapes in order to give you a great idea of what can be achieved and the diverse mixes of landscaping attainable.

Gardens, pools, brick paving, paths, waterfalls, outdoor lighting and even going as far as building an exterior house are concrete examples of landscape architectures. Regardless of the type of landscape architecture you are contemplating, a key element at this stage is to select a landscape architect with vast experience and unparalleled knowledge of landscaping architecture such as Seattle Landscape Architecture. We will listen very carefully to your ideas and requirements.

Our objective is to bring your ideas into life as closely as possible to your exact desired design in order to create for you the outdoor Seattle space of your dreams.  Your list of requirements needs to be as detailed as possible outlining exactly what you want, which particular item, component or element you would want in your landscape design. If you have any particular style or type of landscaping in mind, whether it is British, Japanese or Roman, for example, make sure to mention it in your free, no-obligation consultation with your Seattle Landscape Architecture professional.

In case you do not yet have a clear picture of what you want to add to your outdoor Seattle living space, you can certainly start with just one component, such as with a garden. And then, overtime, as you get inspired, you can add to it. One of the best investment in terms of landscape design are waterfalls, or any water features such as a fountain, as they will raise the overall value of your Seattle area property.

Whether you already have a clear idea of the perfect landscape design for your Seattle property, or you are looking for ideas to improve the overall look and value of your outdoor living, make sure to contact us first, and your Seattle Landscape Architecture professionals will provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment of your existing outdoor living space, as well as review your ideas in order to bring them to life.

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