Check out the Barkitecture Video!

Here’s a link to a video of May 24’s “Barkitecture” event at the Seattle Design Center, sponsored by the Seattle edition of “Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine.”   I designed the landscape for Team Ripple ‘s entry, “Bau-Wau Haus,” which won the award for Best Work of Art  in this whimsical upscale doghouse design contest and auction.  See recent blog posts for more information.  The video was produced by Sotheby Realogics, the official realtor for the doghouse auction, and I’m pleased to report that “Bau-Wau Haus” sold at auction to an urban couple with two Chi-hua-huas.  The summer 2012 issue of Luxe will include an 8 page spread on the designs and the dog costume contest.

Click here to watch the video:

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