The Finn Hill Meadows Garden at Maturity

At least twelve years have passed since landscape construction was completed at the Finn Hill Meadows Garden. Designed by Seattle landscape architect Brooks Kolb for a client with a passion for plants and gardening, this unique landscape surrounds a large house on a circular lot. The centerpiece of the garden is two water features – a rocky waterfall above the house and a tranquil water lily pond below. Lovingly maintained by the owner and a professional gardener, this garden has now achieved an almost stately maturity. Edible plants including Blueberry and Strawberry abound and the garden is always in bloom somewhere around the circle, which is edged by an angled split rail fence. Ample shade is provided in the courtyard of the house. Stair-step stone seating next to a potting room with a large Wisteria arbor affords perches to view the garden. Look for an article about this garden to appear in the Seattle Times “Pacific NW” magazine, tentatively scheduled for early February, 2015.

The "mother rock"

lily pond

The Wisteria arbor at the garden potting room

Water lilies

The stair seats

The garden walk with Smoke Tree

DSC08897 The entry drive

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