Seattle Landscape Architect Brooks Kolb’s Inverness Garden published in “New Landscaping Ideas That Work”

Seattle Landscape Architect Brooks Kolb is thrilled to report that his Inverness Garden was just published as a case study in the new book, “New Landscaping Ideas That Work,” by Julia Moir Messervy (Taunton Press.)  Titled “A Backyard Retreat,” Brooks’ garden design is honored with a two-page spread on pages 154-155 in the book, which show-cases nation-wide garden designs.  It is also featured in a full-page photograph chapter heading, “Spaces that Work,” on page 20.  Julia Moir Messervy is also the author of “Home Outside:  Creating the Landscape You Love” and “Outside the Not So Big House” (with Sarah Susanka.)

Quoting Messervy, “Seattle landscape architect Brooks Kolb created an elegant landscape to meld beautifully with a mid-century modern home built in 1962.  The new owners wanted a private dining terrace on the east side of the house.*  Bands of white Texada concrete pavers alternate with fields of charcoal Texada to give interest to the flat plane around three sides of the house.”

*it is actually on the south side of the house.

For more information, please visit the Inverness Garden project page,

Photographs by Ken Gutmaker









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