A Formal Fountain Courtyard

This formal English front entry garden was designed to compliment a sensitive architectural restoration and addition by Sullivan Conard Architects to a traditional cottage-style house on a waterfront ssloping driveway running along the south side of the house provides sheltered parking behind the house, but the owner requested an occasional-use parking space near the front door. The long back yard slopes continuously down to Union Bay, making the back garden less accessible for everyday family living. Brooks Kolbs design solution blends a diagonal pattern of vehicular-strength concrete paving for parking with bluestone pavers for the main walk to the front door. The composition focusses on a small Victorian sculptural fountain from Lucca Statuary which was located to mark the intersection of the north-south axis through the garden entrance with an east-west axis centered on the library window. The fountain is surrounded by a circular garden path paved with gold-ochre colored marble chips. Plants in urns mark the entrance and a small stone bench provides seating. Two large Mount Fuji Cherry trees were carefully preserved. Landscape Contractor: Performance Landscape Company.

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