Presenting Russ Beardsley, Master Stonemason

Seattle landscape architect Brooks Kolb is currently working on a project in Bellingham, Washington, involving gabion garden retaining walls.  Look for an upcoming blog entry on gabion walls in garden construction.  Brooks’ client was smart enough to find a master stonemason to install the walls:  Russ Beardsley of Borrowed Ground, http://www.borrowedground.com.  A former metal craftsman and former member of the Denver Art Commission, Russ is nothing short of an artist in stone.  Here are three images of his amazing work for another client in Bellingham:Image

Russ Beardsley’s Dry-set Wall with a crenelated coping, similar to traditional Irish and Scottish walls. No mortar has been used in this wall and the coping pieces are absolutely locked into place!

ImageRuss Beardsley’s dry-set Gothic arch, with a granite keystone, defying gravity.


Russ Beardsley’s cantilevered stone stair.  These stone treads appear to float above the slope.  Actually, they are anchored with 2/3rds of the length of each tread set deep into the hillside.

You may ask, why is Russ’ company named “Borrowed Ground?”  It’s from the deeply spiritual Native American idea that we don’t own the earth or the ground; we merely borrow it while we’re here.

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