Services and Offers

Brooks Kolb LLC is pleased to offer you professional services in
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Site Planning
  • Garden Design
  • Illustrative Drawing

Landscape Architecture
Work with a specially trained Landscape Architect to evaluate your specific needs and design a comprehensive plan to improve your landscape. The Landscape Architect has training and experience to maximize your investment, oversee the installation process and achieve a beautiful, functional environment that will serve your immediate and long term needs.

Site Planning
Configure all elements required on a specific site including, but not limited to: decks, terraces, steps, walls, water features, and planting areas. Among the many factors that your Seattle Landscape Architect will consider are: usability, enjoyment, safety, solar exposure, privacy and aesthetics.

Garden Design
Address the specific details of your dream garden or landscape vision in terms of space allocation, material selection, plant selection and placement, irrigation systems, and beauty.

Illustrative Drawing
Detailed hand drawings enable you to see what your landscape will look like after installation of a proposed design. Drawings provide you a working picture of your garden allowing for changes and assuring that your personal vision will be achieved.

Special Offers

Free Consultation
Brooks Kolb offers a free, on-site consultation to assess your existing landscape, provided you live within one hour’s round trip of my Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA office. Don’t miss this chance to review your priorities with a highly trained professional who can help you transform your yard into the landscape of your dreams.

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