“Brooks Kolb was superb in envisioning and creating the 3 acre garden for our home. He worked as a team with our architect, designer and contractor, and together they transformed our property into a dream come true. We have formal gardens accenting our home, a cutting garden for summer flowers, a wooded more natural section for birds and wildlife, a marsh area under the willows, and a property perimeter that blends in with the neighborhood. Our hardscapes and lighting provide a flow from area to area that make it a delight to walk the garden, day or night. All these years later, Brooks still stops by to see how the garden is maturing and to offer suggestions for care. And, to top it off, he communicates clearly and meets deadlines. I am confident that Brooks would listen to your needs and find a perfect solution for your landscape dream.” – client for the Pike’s Peak Garden

“I’m still enjoying my garden very much even through the winter. Can’t wait to see it flourish through the spring and summer.” – a Roanoke client

(regarding a new client): “I assured them they wouldnt be disappointed. I cant wait to see what magic youll come up with THIS time!” – a Roanoke client

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with a person of your caliber.” – a landscape contractor with whom Brooks has worked repeatedly

“We love and are enjoying the back garden. Thank you again for the beautiful design!” – a Windermere client, August 2006

“The garden looks great; it looks really wonderful.” – a Roanoke client, July 2006

“I really enjoy my back garden” – a Madison Park client

“Thanks for the great work, Brooks!” – a Washington Park client

“I’m thrilled with this garden” – a Mercer Island client

“Everyone’s blown away” – a Ballard client

“My garden is awesome!” – a Mercer Island client

“It will be hard to beat your good work!” – a Mercer Island client

“You’re the best person I’ve ever worked with!” – a Mercer Island client, Dec. 2005

“Your front garden for my house has drawn tons of favorable comments from neighbors and people walking by. It was a delight to see things start to bloom this Spring. I can’t wait for the jasmine.” – Emily Davis, a Meadowbrook client

“Your work is awesome I really like the way the concrete looks.” – a Laurelhurst client, December 2005

“Thanks for all your help. The backyard looks great!” – a Laurelhurst client, December 2005

“Thanks for an excellent design and good working relationship between all the parties. (We) are very happy with the results” – a Ballard client, Dec. 2005

“Your work on the exterior landscaping was shining like a jewel! Everyone remarked at the wonderful design and vistas seen by the front of our house We have truly enjoyed working with you on our new home and it won’t be long until Phase 2′ “ – a Laurelhurst client, fall 2005

“We love the gardenit turned out great. It looks good even in winter!” – a Bellevue client, December 2005

“You’re terrific! If you need a recommendation I would be happy to provide one for you” – a Newport Shores client, December 2005

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me to thank you for being such a wonderful liaison-mediator for contractors and clients. My experience has not always been positive and I greatly appreciate your work towards reasonable solutions rather than a win/lose outcome. Cheers to you Brooks for being such a wonderful man to work with and truly a very talented Landscape Architect. There will be no hesitation on my behalf to refer clients to you in the future” – a Gig Harbor landscape contractor, August 2005

“I called several of your former clients for references, and they were uniform in their praise of you. Regularly I heard things like: ‘he’s really creative; hes a really good listener; he really knows his plants, and when he doesnt have the right solution immediately at hand, he researches to find it; he’s very sensitive to budgetary limitations, and he offers good options to address issues with different budgets in mind; he really manages the project well; he works really well with the contractors and subcontractors; he has great follow-up after the project is complete; and he’s really fun to work with.’ How could we ask for more?” – A Laurelhurst Client


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