How I Work with You and the Landscape Contractor

I consider my ability to recommend reliable contractors who will charge a fair price for high quality work one of the greatest benefits I offer my clients. When you are ready to proceed with construction, I introduce you to one or several highly qualified contractors for bidding the project. Bidding usually takes about three weeks. When the bid results are in, you have the option of choosing the low bidder or of interviewing all the contractors to determine which one you feel most comfortable with. Since each bidder has made previous commitments to other projects, we also determine who is available to build the project soonest.

When you are ready to select your landscape contractor, you sign a separate construction contract with him. I act as your representative in the field, making construction observation site visits with you and the contractor to insure that the project is built according to the approved design, high construction standards and on time.

Landscape Contractors recommended by Brooks Kolb LLC

  • Artemis Landscapes – Dave Merrill
    Installer: Laurelhurst Garden #2 A Spanish-Style Walled Courtyard.
  • Gardens by Michael Angelo Mike Bianchi.
    Installer: A Finn Hill Meadows Garden; A Broadmoor Garden; a Denny Blaine Garden.
  • Pacific Earth Works, Inc. Jay Curcio.
    Installer: A Pikes Peak Garden.
  • Performance Landscape Company Jim McFarlin
    Installer: An East Lake Sammamish Garden; Laurelhurst Garden #1 A Formal Fountain Courtyard.
  • Tallar Landscaping John Tallar
    Installer: Laurelhurst Garden #3 A Modern Outdoor Living Room.
  • Wikstrom Landscaping Ross Wikstrom
    Installer: A Windermere Garden.

Waterfall and Rock-scape Contractor recommended by Brooks Kolb LLC

  • Turnstone Construction John Fulford
    Installer: A Finn Hill Meadows Garden Waterfall and Pond; An East Lake Sammamish Garden Waterfall.
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