How Long Does it Take?

Projects vary in size, scope and complexity. Project timetables are tailored to your needs – you may have specific target dates for completion and the design process is arranged around your work, vacation and travel schedule.

Project Phase Timetable
Phase Time Frame
Design 4-6 Weeks
Bidding 3 Weeks
Construction (Dependent upon complexity of project) Variable (1-8 Weeks)
Overall Project (including contractor-waiting period) 3-6 months

The most unpredictable part of the timetable is the contractor’s availability to start work. There is often a waiting period of two to eight weeks in which the contractor finishes other work he has previously committed to. While overall project timetables vary considerably from our first meeting until completion of construction, they usually take a minimum of three months and often take six months. Winter projects may take longer to accomplish, due to inclement weather, but an advantage is that the contractor-waiting period is often shorter.

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