Professional Fees

Hourly Billing Rate: Brooks Kolb, ASLA – $90/hr.

For the preliminary design, construction documents, bidding, and construction phases of the project, I invoice you at my billing rate of $110/hr. For hours worked up to a maximum fee that I propose to you for your agreement. The fee for a preliminary master plan and design typically costs between $3300 and $3850. The fees for the other phases vary considerably and I propose them as continuing services at the end of the preliminary design phase.

Typically, the total project fees add up to around 12% to 15% of the construction budget. If you’re working within a strict budget, we will calculate your construction budget using the following steps. First, we determine your overall project budget, and then subtract my professional design fees at 12% to 15% of the total. Next, we subtract state sales tax on the construction funds only. The remaining funds available constitute your construction budget. I never charge sales tax on my professional services.

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